Technical (Phone) Support Appointment Request:

  • LitEmiDi America will do our best to accommodate your appointment request.  If your preferred time slot is not available, LitEmiDi America will let you know the next available time slot via e-mail. It will be your responsibility to respond to the e-mail confirming your acceptance of the proposed appointment time.  If no response is made, then the appointment will not be scheduled.  Same day appointments will not be made as we require 24 hours’ notice for all appointments to allow time for scheduling and confirmation of the appointment.


  • Please make sure you have everything ready before the call.  If LitEmiDi America fails to reach you at the scheduled time, there will be a 10-minute grace period during which we will make a second attempt at reaching you via phone.  If LitEmiDi America is unable to reach you during this 10-minute grace period, the appointment is automatically canceled.


  • Appointments are 30 minutes per time slot.  If the call exceeds 30 minutes, it is at the sole discretion of LitEmiDi America to reserve the right to end the call & suggest another appointment be scheduled.